Flexible Rental Plan

Co-working space should be cost-effective with flexibility of rental plan. Starting up a business in Hong Kong is arduous, high rental payment has been one of the big reasons. As the development of sharing economy is prosperous in the modern, co-working space has been becoming more and more widespread. Offering lower prices and flexible rental plan is the selling point of co-working space for the newly-established firm. Also, as the progress of information technology and internet, the virtual organization become trendy. Thus, there are more and more virtual workers who worked at home as long as having a computer. Offering virtual office services such as registered mailing address, mail boxes, office landline,co-working space can sustain the life of operating a business.

Receiving Services

The operation of co-working space should be identical to the operation of regular office, example like a having a reception to greet guests and to receive parcels and letters. Make the tenants feel the services of shares workshop place have no difference between the regular offices.

We framed our whole application based on our current system, said keith e.